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The scholarships will be based on the participation and commitment of the student and family to the furtherance of the gospel at Ohana church and will include church attendance, participation, leadership, financial faithfulness and service.


It has always been our goal at Ohana to support Adventist education and we will continue to be so in the future.  Each year our church not only pays a church subsidy to our local Seventh-day Adventist elementary school but we also provide certain scholarships for those church members who may have a financial need and without which would be unable to afford an Adventist education.


Ohana church is not a constituent church of Portland Adventist Academy.  In the past, in order to lessen the financial burden on our church members who have a student at the academy, we have subsidized the difference between the constituency rate on tuition and the non-constituency rate.


Due to a change in circumstances the subsidy that Ohana has in the past automatically paid to parents at the end of the school year will no longer be available.


Instead, we will ask each family, that is a member of Ohana and has a child at PAA, to apply for an Ohana scholarship that covers the gap in the constituent vs non constituent tuition fee.

OHANA Scholarship Request for P.A.A.

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