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​M I S S I O N   L I F E - Beirut Lebanon

             View of Beirut from Middle East University campus                                     House of Prayer 

In the camp                                                       With the University Church pastor

Refugee at ALC                                                                   Beirut Lebanon

Syrian refugee camp                                          Joseph and the doctor seeing patients

Anas with a refugee child                                                         Syrian refugee child.

       At Middle East University in Beirut meeting the staff        16th century parallel bible in 8 languages 

       Stone of the Pregnant Woman - Baalbek                             Sarcophagus of Ahrian king of Byblos

Nicoya Costa Rica

At OHANA, we are all about mission.  Over the past few years we've gone on foreign mission trips to Ethiopia, Tanzania, Ecuador, the Philippines.  Our latest trip was to Nicoya, Costa Rica.  Here is a link to an article about what we did:




If you are interested in an opportunity to serve on a short term mission trip, come to OHANA and find out more.  Our mission trips are designed for just about anyone.  We build churches, schools, orphanages and more.  We always take along a medical and dental team to serve the local population.  We conduct VBS's and evangelistic series on each of the trips we go on and this one to Costa Rica should be no different.  We are always looking for volunteers so come on board and serve on the next OHANA mission team!





24 MAR - 4 APR


  Old Church Site                                        New Church Site                                      Pastor Samuel    

                   At the Learning Center                                                                   Refugees at the LC

             In Beirut at a great restaurant                                Stone of the Pregnant Woman in Baalbek

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