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I was driving down from Bend toward Crater Lake a few weeks ago when I passed a road sign.  To say that it grabbed my attention would be putting it mildly.  There in big letters, and very official looking, was the word, "Goodbye"!

What is interesting is that as shocked as I was at seeing that very straight forward sign, it didn't cause me to stop the car or every to slow down very much.  Perhaps it should have!  We are told in the bible . . .


                       "Therefore be you also ready: for in such an hour as you think not the 

Son of man comes." - MATTHEW 24:24


Have you ever had a guest show up at your house unexpectedly?  I have.  Sometimes they will phone you and say "I'm just a few minutes away."  If you are like me you go into "overdrive".  Toys are picked up, shoes are put away.  You are trying to GET ready to receive your guest.  If you are like me you will inevitably fail to be properly prepared.  Instead of telling his followers to "GET" ready,   Jesus encouraged His listeners to "BE" ready.  If you "ARE" ready to receive a guest, it doesn't matter when they call or when they show up.  You don't panic because you "ARE" ready.  I want to be ready when Jesus comes and I hope you do to.  No matter what the day or what the hour.

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