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We sat down recently with a couple of our new church members to see what makes them tick!  Here's part of our interview:

Q - Genna where did you grow up?

Genna - I was raised in the Portland area.

Q - Did you go to high school here?

Genna - Yes Aiden and I both went to Clackamas high school.

Aiden - We knew each other there but it wasn't until later that we started dating and eventually got married!

Q - Did either of you have any religious background before coming to  OHAHA?

Aiden - Yes when I grew up we kind of attended the Lutheran church but over time we just sort of stopped after a while.

Genna - We attended all sorts of churches growing up.  We were going to a baptist church for a while and then I attended a Methodist church with my friend.

Q - Genna you are a hair stylist.  Have you ever thought of going on a mission trip and using your talents to serve overseas?

Genna - I would love to do that!  I think it would be great because when you style someone's hair it makes them feel better.  Like giving them a sense of self worth.

Q - Aiden you are going to school.  What are you studying?

Aiden - I am just finishing up with architecture.  I will finish this year at Portland State.

Q - Aiden how did you reconnect with God?

Aiden - It's all Genna.  She showed me what the love of God was really like.

Q - Did she tell you about it or did she just show you?

Aiden - She just showed me.  We didn't really talk to much about it.  Then one day she said she was going to go to a prayer group.

Q - Genna what happened then?

Genna - My friend said she was going to a prayer group so I decided to go along and that's where I started to meet a few OHANA people.


Q - What did you think when you first walked into OHANA church?

Genna - Honestly my first thought was "Where's my friend Liesl?"  Who lead out in the prayer group.

Aiden - Something just clicked for me.  I knew OHANA was where I was supposed to be because it just felt right and everyone was so friendly.


This was just part of our interview with Genna and Aiden.  Please introduce yourselves to them if you don't know them and as they continue to grow as part of the OHANA family!

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