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I went to Europe for a month but I kept on thinking about her.  When I returned we started dating and within six months I proposed and then we got married.


I had known in my heart I had not found a person in my life that completed me.  She completed me.


I saw that you were featured in International Nurses Association.  How did that happen?


It completely surprised me.  It think that God is really in control in my life.  Somebody put in a good word for me and voted for me to be a top nurse.  And I was featured.


They called me,  interviewed me and sometime after that awarded me the “nurse of the year” award.  They do this for nurses who are passionate about people.  They look for people who have a passion to serve and better their communities.  I speak several languages and I think that really appealed to their mission.  Having lived in poverty and being the first in my family to graduate from college was of interest to them.  I was able to do that without any assistance from the government.


What are your goals now?


Right now I am trying to get my experience up to speed in the nursing field.  I am also working on an electronic system for providers.


How has this corona virus affected you?


I am working 60-70 hours a week.  I have been working a lot of 16hr shifts, nights and days.  My schedule is really hectic.  Nothing is stable.


How are you able to keep your spiritual life going without being able to personally attend church on Sabbaths?  What is your advice on how to remain spiritually active?


I definitely think you need to schedule time with God.  Most of the time I go on spiritual walks, talking with God, praying with God.  I also spend time reading the Bible with Inessa.  I discipline myself to prioritize that above all else.  Without putting God on the schedule it wouldn’t happen.  Also I would get more discouraged.  I really enjoy watching the service at OHANA.  I gives me confidence that things will be okay.  I fill myself with the word of God through a lot of ways.

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